Wednesday, September 14, 2005

AMSACS Installs Z-Binder and BinderBuddies®

AMSACS is the new math and science charter school in Marlboro MA. The school is in it's first year of operation with about 270 students in 6th and 7th grades. AMSACS chose the BinderBuddies® system to handle student document flow. Students in 6th grade carry 8 concurrent subjects and in 7th, they carry 10 concurrent subject. AMSACS implemented an all-in-one Z-binder(dual ring zipper binder-see with either 4 or 5 subjects on each set of rings. Each subject is organized with a nested Twin Pocket and Index divider, color coded for each subject. The document holder pocket was not implemented due to the total number of subjects and the total expected weight of an all in one approach with this number of subjects. Notes are kept separately in bound journals ,and "bulk" text book photo copied handouts are also stored separately. Teachers and Parents feedback is encouraged!


At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an interesting use of BinderBuddies® in particular due to the large number of concurrent subjects. My understanding of the goal in any implementation of BinderBuddies®, whether for an individual or for an entire grade or school, is to ensure that the context of "unit level" document creation, filing, and storing is maintained on a subject by subject basis as a mission critical portfolio of papers. The system is designed to "turn over the keys" to the student-it is their opportunity to take control of the wheel as it relates to building the portfolio and streamlining it after unit completion. Looking at the Z-binder, with it's dual zippers, a handle, and strap, one issue that could easily arise, is that the z-binder is used as a backpak-a receptical for all other things good-even though its design in this application is intended solely for the document flow in a unit by subject. One of the big issues that could also arise, and this is true everywhere today, is that there is alot to carry around if intermediate storage is not readily available. An all-in-one solution has the benefit that nothing is left out or behind, but the idea that a binder like this one can reach a steady state weight once in use, has to be "weighed" against the total effective weight-and in this sort of scenario-with this number of subjects, archiving will need to be religiously practiced-I'm sure. And, with out question, it is essential that the zipper case not be the target of text books, bulk handouts and other important but weighty goods as it's job of supporting the main paper flow of homework, tests, quizzes, reports, project sheets, reference sheets and the like already presses the system to its designed capacity.

At 3:01 PM, Anonymous A student at fantastic AMSACS!! :-) said...

I am a student at AMSA from the pioneer year, 2005, and I am now in their 10th grade. I really like the school and I am planning on staying till graduation. I saw many problems with these at the time that we got it. My issues againgst them were that they were very big and uncommfotable, the binder could not fit in my backpack with all of the other things I had to carry. I also went in there with my plan for organization and it felt like they were forcing this plan onto us in a way.

I really appreciate that the school bought them for us in the idea that all the students would be uniffied with the same organization but not all students have the same organization ideas and we dont all do things the same, in the sense of organization.

From my point of view, it was a waste of money, but i have to say that there were many that used them to the breaking point. I was just not one of those. Thankfully they do not do the BinderBuddy sysem any more but there are kids in the school with them.

For information on my fantastic school and applying visit, the school is great and very different from other schools in the town. It is a public school that rivals some of the best private schools. Look into the school if you have children in 5th grade and you are looking for somewhere to go for 6th grade!!


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