Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Career Success Stories-students of BinderBuddies® please share

BinderBuddies® has been in use since 1994 and there are many students that are now employed in the work force that have learned organizing literacy™ strategies and techniques by cutting their teeth on BinderBuddies®. if you were a student of binderbuddies® and wish to share your success in the business world with others, please comment!


At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Zachary said...

I was a student at Fay from grades 3 through 8 and used the system each year; I also used it throughout high school. The system itself took me from unevenly organized to top of the class, literally! I was always able to find all my homework, study my notes properly and manage my handouts better. I’m pleased by what the binder did for me as a student, helping me to get accepted at a top prep school and then an Ivy League university, but I’m even more thrilled by the lifelong skills it taught me in organization and paper flow management. These are skills I’m still using today, as I manage marketing operations for a major hotel company.

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounded good, it looked good, and it seemed good, for all of about 2 weeks. Now everyone at my school is complaining about the system. "It's falling apart. My papers fell out. My folders ripped. The folders are too small." The majority of people want a refund or new folders free. Then we thought we could express our feelings when the "inventor" came to our school. I don't know if I want to say "inventor". All he did, was combine paper with binder rings and there you go. But that's my opinion. During the discussion students said the same thing. It's falling apart, folders are ripping, etc. You know what he said? "It's your fault." He blamed us, the students, for HIS product falling apart. Apparently "We don't hold it correctly. We treat it horribly. If we were more careful it wouldn't break/rip." Well you know what? If you had done a half decent job it wouldn't break/rip either. And then he's telling us it's heat resistant, and eco-friendly. Something made out of paper can't be too eco-friendly. And why would we want it to be heat resistant? We live in New England, where we have Winter. So,anyway I don't think the system was worth $35.00. It was a rip-off, I think.

At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

finding this kit was the beginning of a new approach to organizing and it has changed my life. i am applying for college and had never had a system for keeping track of my papers before. my school papers were always a mess but somehow i got through with decent grades because i get stuff pretty quick. now with the college applications, i have deadlines that i have to make. my dad got me a DocOA to use for all my college apps. i have 6 schools i am applying to so i put my stretch schools first and my safe schools last. the whole system is color coded and there is a place for keeping track of key dates along with a place for all my papers. i have a three pocket for essay writing and place for the school catalog. i asked my dad if he could get me one more for school. they got me the kit and made me pay the 19.95 which i gladly did. this got me 15 pockets in a package a sticker sheet user guide and some cool webstuff. i am using it in school and my grades are going up now because i just dont loose any papers. i know if i get into my stretch college i am going to be stretched. getting organized once and for all will save my life next year. i took the pockets and broke them into 5 separate binders. i got some steel rings and put them into separate folders each with a spiral notebook for class notes. i only carry what i need and i followed the instructions to take stuff out and archive. i just staple my work together and keep it in a pile at home to study for a test. i never had one paper i needed before. i love this system. i looked at their website because i have a little brother in 6th grade who needs this and saw his school could get the same kit for 12.95. at first i felt ripped off but then i realized that those boxes have to be assembled. i think thats actually a good idea because it will make them learn it and own it. i recommend this to any friends and showed it to my brother who showed it to his teacher.its the best system i have ever had.


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