Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Grade or school wide committment by teachers to using BinderBuddies®

Often times, when a single student uses BinderBuddies® in a class room setting, they are the sole beneficiary. the impact on class room operations is not realized. When an entire grade or school gets involved, teachers can realize additional benefits in how they run their classroom, from shortened time to starting teaching, to fewer make-ups for lost homework, to reduced #'s of replacement handouts. If you have had experience as a teacher using binderbuddies® for your entire classroom, please share your experiences!


At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am using the Teacher Edition and my students all have the student version. mine has an extra stasher pocket for big bulky batches of papers and this really cool divided folder that lets me separate the papers i am about to had out from the papers i got back to grade from the papers i graded to return and there is another pocket in the back for make up tests and for master answer keys. what i like is its all in one folder-i have never seen a folder like this before. it really keeps me organized for each of my classes i teach. i have 5 classes with over 20 kids in each class and i just was never more prepared for teaching than i am this year. i keep a master binder for my whole curriculum and use the DocOA for just the unit work i am teaching. i keep a 2 column journal for my classes and when i put my materials away each unit, for next year, i regroup all my work so i can tell my students what kind of papers i am giving them and when to archive them. the students that have taken the time to learn how to use the system and bring it every day are getting better grades each test.


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