Thursday, September 15, 2005

Is BinderBuddies® really a Technology-The "Organizing Literacy™ point of view"?

With the deluge of informaiton in digital form, arriving at a faster and faster pace, accelerated by the internet, students can easily become overwhelmed with information. Often, there is a belated attempt to teach "information liteacy" which involves the skills associated with gathering and processing data at the content level, and establishing its importance and utility. Our point of view starts with organizing literacy™ strategies and best practices. This point of view begins with the idea that children need to develop filing skills first and experience the basic idea of nesting of information, hierarchy, and contextual inter-dependency. BinderBuddies® is a technology that offers the basic structures of nesting and hierarchy in a simple pocket framework and intends to teach this basic understanding of information representation beginning in 3rd grade. Since most computer filing systems employ the same "technology" it is believed that organizing literacy enables information literacy. If you have any comments on how students of binderbuddies® take to computers or process information in digital form differently, including internet use, please comment!


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