Monday, September 19, 2005

Mentoring Success Stories-what BinderBuddies® is all about

Peer to peer mentoring is a powerful idea that encourages friendship, team building, and personal self-esteem. Since BinderBuddies® is readily self-taught, and since it uses a very simple organizing trick that can be taught and learned in about 7 minutes(view the demo under the video link on the BinderBuddies® home page-and listen to the talking head "schwartz method" on that video track), it is now possible for a successfully organized student to help a friend who is disorganized by simply showing them how the trick works with the BinderBuddies® pockets . So the real meaning of BinderBuddies® is now on the table-you can buddy up with one another to teach classroom document managent and organizing skills to eachother! It is so simple, that every teacher and parent alike can learn the method. We have developed a system called "speed mentoring™" where parents at PTA meetings can buddy up and teach one another how their childrens system really works day to day. Teachers are doing the same thing at team meetings around the country. The really cool thing about this is that these adults can mentor their children and students-AND vice a versa! any success stories on mentoring you can share? please comment.


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