Saturday, September 10, 2005

What is the impact of improving Visual-Spatial-Logical Reasoning on the overall success of the student as a self-organized person?

There is a general notion that children lacking in visual and spatial reasoning skills are likely to have more difficulty getting and staying organized with their papers at school. If their logical reasoning skills are diminished, their success with organizing can be further reduced. The number of elemental skills in the visual, spatial, and logical reasoning space is well in excess of 22 identified skills(see www.lexialearning/new/crosstrainier_pei.cfm) . These skills can be taught. The question is wheher or not any educators or parents have observed any marked improvements in the use of BinderBuddies® by students that have received software training in visual-spatial-and logical reasoning(using the Lexia software) and vice-versa; are there any marked improvements in these skills(as determined for example by level achievements in the Lexia Visual Spatial & Logical software) by students that have had prior exposure to BinderBuddies®? comments are welcome


At 4:43 PM, Blogger account said...

I think that the binder system isn't a good idea. recently my folders have been falling out. I have taken good care of my binder and it has fallen apart. The front and back covers have fallen apat too. Since the folders are to small my papers have gotten crumpeled,torn, or have fallen out of my broken folders and have been lost. Also my planner sheets have fallen out and i havent been able to rember what the homework was therefore not being able to do it wich effects my grade and gets me in trouble. The pencil case has ripped and I lost all of my writing utensils and had to buy new ones. my regal pad notebook has fallen out and been lost and some of my very impotant homework and school work was on those pages and before I got it back the where destroyed forcing me to redo them wich took a very long time. Almost everyone has the same binder so I have accidentily swaped binders without knowing and I got detention for not getting a test signed. I also don't think that the binder system is woth it's money. I went out and bought a new binder for a cheaper price and it works very well.

At 6:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found the binder to be very easy to use because i can put things into specific places and then find them without opening or closing the rings. that makes it fast. some of my friends put the pockets into 3 ring binders that had the rings break and that tore their papers and pockets just like it did mine last year when i didnt have the system. i have used tape to repair my pockets but what i found most helpful was finally taking stuff out when i was really done with it. for me the binder is the simplest color coding way to know exactly where i am with my papers becausee the pockets group together and provide enough places for all my different papers. i have a separate binder for all my handouts which sometimes are 20 or 30 pages because my teacher doenst use the text book in science. if i tried to put all those papers into the DocOA it would not fit. i keep those handouts separated by the colored tabs from the DocOA so i didnt have to buy any tab dividers. when the unit is done i archive those to my box at home otherwise that binder would get overflowed and break. I like the idea that i can put stuff away and find it in the DocOA in less than 2 seconds. and the whole product is green. so if i have to fix a pocket from time to time i would rather do that than using plastic stuff.


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