Tuesday, September 20, 2005

BinderBuddies® Packaging-please give us feedback

This is what the packaging for BinderBuddies® looks like when it is sold separately. Please give us your feedback!

Career Success Stories-students of BinderBuddies® please share

BinderBuddies® has been in use since 1994 and there are many students that are now employed in the work force that have learned organizing literacy™ strategies and techniques by cutting their teeth on BinderBuddies®. if you were a student of binderbuddies® and wish to share your success in the business world with others, please comment!

Find out how: BinderBuddies® at Hillside School

Find out how Hillside School is using binderbuddies® by clicking on the bookwindows.com home page link or placing http://www.bookwindows.com into your browser, then follow the "resources" tab to "testimonials".

Find out how: BinderBuddies® at FAY School

Find out how FAY School is using Binderbuddies® by clicking on the bookwindows.com home page link or placing http://www.bookwindows.com into your browser, then follow the "resources" tab to "testimonials".

Link: www.bookwindows.com

Students finally in charge of their own portfolios

Many parents have been heard to tell their students "get organized!" but have not provided them with any guidance or any tools to do this effectively. Other times, students hear different strategies and methods from each of their teachers, leading to more confusion than simplification. BinderBuddies® uses the SAME organizing structure and process, independent of subject, and is designed to streamline the students binder with relevant unit work and coherent archives. As a student, if your life has changed by using BinderBuddies® to get organized, please comment.

Grade or school wide committment by teachers to using BinderBuddies®

Often times, when a single student uses BinderBuddies® in a class room setting, they are the sole beneficiary. the impact on class room operations is not realized. When an entire grade or school gets involved, teachers can realize additional benefits in how they run their classroom, from shortened time to starting teaching, to fewer make-ups for lost homework, to reduced #'s of replacement handouts. If you have had experience as a teacher using binderbuddies® for your entire classroom, please share your experiences!

Parents getting their children to be Self-Organizing

BinderBuddies® is designed to teach your child to become self-organizing with their papers at school. It is a simple framework of nested pockets that provide a place for everything and allow the child to put everything in its proper place in record time. As a parent, if you have experiences to share about how BinderBuddies® has impacted your childs organizing skills -please comment!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Mentoring Success Stories-what BinderBuddies® is all about

Peer to peer mentoring is a powerful idea that encourages friendship, team building, and personal self-esteem. Since BinderBuddies® is readily self-taught, and since it uses a very simple organizing trick that can be taught and learned in about 7 minutes(view the demo under the video link on the BinderBuddies® home page-and listen to the talking head "schwartz method" on that video track), it is now possible for a successfully organized student to help a friend who is disorganized by simply showing them how the trick works with the BinderBuddies® pockets . So the real meaning of BinderBuddies® is now on the table-you can buddy up with one another to teach classroom document managent and organizing skills to eachother! It is so simple, that every teacher and parent alike can learn the method. We have developed a system called "speed mentoring™" where parents at PTA meetings can buddy up and teach one another how their childrens system really works day to day. Teachers are doing the same thing at team meetings around the country. The really cool thing about this is that these adults can mentor their children and students-AND vice a versa! any success stories on mentoring you can share? please comment.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Is BinderBuddies® really a Technology-The "Organizing Literacy™ point of view"?

With the deluge of informaiton in digital form, arriving at a faster and faster pace, accelerated by the internet, students can easily become overwhelmed with information. Often, there is a belated attempt to teach "information liteacy" which involves the skills associated with gathering and processing data at the content level, and establishing its importance and utility. Our point of view starts with organizing literacy™ strategies and best practices. This point of view begins with the idea that children need to develop filing skills first and experience the basic idea of nesting of information, hierarchy, and contextual inter-dependency. BinderBuddies® is a technology that offers the basic structures of nesting and hierarchy in a simple pocket framework and intends to teach this basic understanding of information representation beginning in 3rd grade. Since most computer filing systems employ the same "technology" it is believed that organizing literacy enables information literacy. If you have any comments on how students of binderbuddies® take to computers or process information in digital form differently, including internet use, please comment!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

AMSACS Installs Z-Binder and BinderBuddies®

AMSACS is the new math and science charter school in Marlboro MA. The school is in it's first year of operation with about 270 students in 6th and 7th grades. AMSACS chose the BinderBuddies® system to handle student document flow. Students in 6th grade carry 8 concurrent subjects and in 7th, they carry 10 concurrent subject. AMSACS implemented an all-in-one Z-binder(dual ring zipper binder-see www.caseit.com) with either 4 or 5 subjects on each set of rings. Each subject is organized with a nested Twin Pocket and Index divider, color coded for each subject. The document holder pocket was not implemented due to the total number of subjects and the total expected weight of an all in one approach with this number of subjects. Notes are kept separately in bound journals ,and "bulk" text book photo copied handouts are also stored separately. Teachers and Parents feedback is encouraged!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

What is the impact of improving Visual-Spatial-Logical Reasoning on the overall success of the student as a self-organized person?

There is a general notion that children lacking in visual and spatial reasoning skills are likely to have more difficulty getting and staying organized with their papers at school. If their logical reasoning skills are diminished, their success with organizing can be further reduced. The number of elemental skills in the visual, spatial, and logical reasoning space is well in excess of 22 identified skills(see www.lexialearning/new/crosstrainier_pei.cfm) . These skills can be taught. The question is wheher or not any educators or parents have observed any marked improvements in the use of BinderBuddies® by students that have received software training in visual-spatial-and logical reasoning(using the Lexia software) and vice-versa; are there any marked improvements in these skills(as determined for example by level achievements in the Lexia Visual Spatial & Logical software) by students that have had prior exposure to BinderBuddies®? comments are welcome